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Swedish Massage                             Lymph Drainage                        Myofacial Release

Prenatal Massage                                Oncology                          Trigger Point Therapy                  Deep Tissue                                   Sports Massage         Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation     


Reduces Pain/ Scarred Tissue/ Inflammation/ Adhesions/ Tones and firms skin/ Shortens injury recovery time/ Stimulates digestive system, Nervous system (stimulating endorphins/ happy hormones) Increases Lymphatic flow/ Blood circulation/ Detoxification

Conditions that benefit from Cupping-

Fibromyalgia/ Neuralgia/ Sciatica/  Migraines/ Headaches/ TMJ/ Asthma/ Lung congestion

Parkinson's Disease/ Diabetes/ Chronic Pain/ Muscle aches/ Trigger points/ Sports Injuries/ Pre and Post operative conditions/ Digestive problems/ IBS/ Arthritis/ Tendonitis/ Plantar Fascitis/ Cellulite/

Circulatory problems/ Toxicity/ High and Low blood pressure/ Sleeping disorders

Cupping Massage

Benefits- Releases toxins/ Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation/ Alleviates stress/

Relieves pain/ Improves circulation/ Calms the psyche

Conditions that benefit from Hot Stones- Musculare aches and pains/ Multiple sclerosis/ Arthritis/ Fibromyalgia/ Stress and Anxiety/ Depression/ Circulatory problems/ Insomnia

Modalities Include

1/2 Hour Massage-             $50

1 Hour Massage-              $100

1 1/2 Hour Massage-          $130

2 Hour Massage-               $165

Additiional Services


Massage Therapy

Hot Stones Therapy-               $10

Foot Scrub-                             $10

Hot towel/cold stone

   face massage-                      $10

Cupping-                               $20

Hot Stones
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